Awe-Inspiring Pictures of Space
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Frequently Asked Questions

OMG Space Is Awesome sells awe-inspiring framed prints of space from the Apollo missions, the Hubble Telescope, the Space Shuttle, Cassini: Mission to Saturn, satellites, the International Space Station, Mercury missions, and more.  Framed prints are of the highest quality.  Frames are made from sustainable American Maple and Walnut, mated with acid-free, archival matboard and fitted with lightweight acrylic glazing.

Q: Why did you create OMG SPACE IS AWESOME?

A: I've been semi-obsessed with space for much of my life and every time I see a news release from NASA that includes some of their incredible imagery I think "whoa! That would look awesome on my walls!"  However, having spent my previous life as a road warrior, I didn't really have any walls of my own to fulfill that dream (and let's not even get started on the size of airplane overhead bins!).  Now that I'm settle into a real home, I knew it was the perfect time to re-explore printing some of these photos and getting them professionally framed.  In pursuing this, I thought others might be interested in these prints too.

I've spent many hours going through NASA's public archives and picked out some of the most beautiful, dramatic, and awe-inspiring images.  Partnering with a custom frame shop based out of NY, I am offering these gorgeous prints for sale online and shipped right to your door.  I have a few of these hanging on my wall right now and they are absolutely stunning.  I hope you'll find something in here stunning as well

Q: Is domestic shipping really free?

A: Yes! FedEx shipping within the continental US is free.  If you would like to ship elsewhere, please contact us for a custom quote.  

Q: What about Hawaii, Alaska, and the US Territories?

A: Shipping to these locations is via USPS Priority Mail and costs an additional $14.95 per order.

Q: When will I receive my framed print?

A: December orders will take longer than usual due to increased demand (see Christmas shipping below).  Normally, you should expect your custom-framed space print within 5 - 7 business days of placing your order.  Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail may take an extra day or two for processing.   

Q: When is the order cut-off for Christmas delivery?

A: Orders must be placed by December 14th on the West Coast and December 17th on the East Coast.  We will do our best to fulfill orders placed after that by Christmas.  If you would like a placeholder document to put in an envelope, please email us at and we can help you out.

Q: Do you offer gift cards?

A: Yes! Gift card orders must be placed manually, please contact us at to order yours.

Q: Can I return my print if I change my mind?

A: Unfortunately due to the custom nature of our printing and framing process we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds unless the product arrived damaged.

Q: Where do your source your imagery?

A: We have spent hours combing the NASA's public archives for gorgeous and awe-inspiring imagery from space.  Some images are taken with a camera while others are composites created from satellite and radar data, among other instruments.  This imagery is available from NASA, per their multimedia guidelines (see below).

Q: Does NASA implicitly or explicitly endorse OMG Space Is Awesome?

A: No. Per NASA's multimedia guideline, NASA does not implicitly or explicitly endorse OMG Space is Awesome, Jacob [dot] VI, LLC, or the products sold herein.

Q: Couldn't I do this myself?

A: Absolutely!  And if we've inspired you to do so then that makes us happy.  However, custom framing is expensive and time consuming.  Through our partnership with a NY-based custom frame shop we are able to offer you framed and mated prints at a much less cost (and hassle!) of you driving to your local frame shop (assuming you even have a reputable one nearby).  Additionally, our images are printed onto professional paper specifically selected for the image - either a glossy luster that highlights vibrant colors, or a matte, texturized paper that is great for black and whites.  At your local photo printer, you may not have access to such high-quality paper.  

Q: I have a favorite NASA image I would like framed, but I don't see it in your shop :(

A: Please email us at and we'll be more than happy to take special care of your custom order.

Q: What is your contact information?

A: You can reach us at:

Jacob [dot] VI, LLC, 6501 Red Hook Plaza Suite 201, St Thomas, VI 00802