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Nimbus-1 Earth Observation Satellite - Framed Print

Nimbus-1 Earth Observation Satellite - Framed Print

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This artist's rendition of the Nimbus-1 satellite depicts it hanging over the earth, making observations and sending the data back to NASA.  The Nimbus program launched seven satellites, each containing a multitude of instruments designed to help scientists observe and predict the weather, study the upper atmosphere, and begin a worldwide search and rescue capability, among other missions.  Hang this beautiful museum-quality print in your home or office.

  • Framed with sustainably-harvested American Maple protected by an environmentally friendly shellac
  • 6-ply, acid-free, conservation matboard draws out the natural beauty of the print
  • Light-weight acrylic glaze provides protection and clarity
  • Includes hanging hardware and instructions
  • Credit: NASA/Goddard

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