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Pillars of Creation - Framed Print

Pillars of Creation - Framed Print

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The Hubble Telescope originally captured this imageĀ in 1995, depicting three giant columns of gas illuminated by the ultraviolet light of a cluster of young stars in the Eagle Nebula. Ā In celebration of Hubble's 25th anniversary the telescope revisited the Pillars of CreationĀ using both near-infrared and visible light. Ā Combining the two imagery sources, an even more gorgeous picture is revealed. Ā Hang this beautiful museum-quality print in yourĀ home or office.

  • Framed with sustainably-harvested American MapleĀ protected by an environmentally friendly shellac
  • 6-ply, acid-free, conservationĀ matboardĀ draws out the natural beauty of the print
  • Light-weight acrylic glaze provides protection and clarity
  • Includes hanging hardware and instructions
  • Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

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